Sunday, May 20, 2018

JOIN: Celebrating My Mama and Reading and Writing

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Yesterday my sister and I took my mom to Milwaukee for a Mother's Day girls' celebration. It's been a long time since just the three of us went out and we had such a great time. We scheduled a private lesson for her at a yarn store. She loves to crochet but she got some tips from a nice lady who does the lessons at the Knitting Nook. Then we went out to dinner at a tapas restaurant called La Merenda. It was so fun to celebrate my mom and spend time with her and my sister.  

I'm grateful to still have my mom in my life and that my kids get to have her in their lives. 

On the drive to pick up my sister, she asked me about my writing and we talked about how my grandma loved to read and write. There are so many things that contributed to me being a reader and a writer but the fact that my family embraced books and encouraged me to read and write is definitely one of them. I'm lucky and I wish every young person could develop a love of reading and writing. 

Blogging has been a really fulfilling way for me to share my love of reading and writing and to hopefully make an impact on the world by spreading a love of reading and writing. To celebrate eight years of blogging here, I'm happy to share the winners of three different books. I'm also offering to chat with anyone who wants to talk about writing. On Monday, May 28th, I've blocked off time to talk with 10 people who sign up for a personal writing conference with me. This will be first come, first served and we'll connect via Google Hangout. You'll have the option to share a short piece of writing with me ahead of time if you'd like or we can just talk about your writing life in general. It doesn't matter whether you have been writing for a long time or are new to writing. It also doesn't matter what you write. All writers count, all writers are welcome. Each writing conference will last 20-25 minutes.

To sign up for a writing conference with me, click the link below. Then click where it says, "Next available appointment slot on May 28, 2018." From there, choose a time slot that works for you and click "Save". This will save the appointment to your Google Calendar and reserve the spot with me. You will need to be signed into a Google account to be able to do this. I'll send you an email confirmation the week before our chat with more information. 

And now the book giveaway winners! Thanks again to Scholastic for providing these books for me to give away. 

The winner of:
Comprehensive Literacy 
by Patricia L. Scharer
is Jill Bless!

The winner of:
One person will win The Megabook of Fluency 
by Timothy V. Rasinski and Melissa Cheesman Smith
is Lisa Maucione!

The winner of:
The Writing Teacher's Companion 
by Ralph Fletcher
is Lisa Cosgrove!

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