Thursday, March 30, 2017

WATCH: Thoughts on How Education Can Change the World By Jen Vincent

I am and always will be an educator at heart. 

Sometimes being an educator keeps me up at night.

And that leads to me creating a middle-of-the-night video that shares my thoughts on education because I'm so fired up I can't sleep. 

Teachers have the power 
to change the world
because we are charged 
with changing the lives of children.

I believe every teacher has to show kids they see them and they have to inspire them. And the easiest way to do that is to get them fired up to be consumers and creators. That's why I blog at Teach Mentor Texts and Story Exploratory to share ideas for how we can all be consumer and creators. With everything I share, I hope someone is inspired in some way.

I'm over doing things how they have always been done when we know better. 

I'm sharing this education-focused video here because I'd love to generate more discussion about how education can change the world. Whether you are an educator yourself or not, I appreciate your thoughts on education! 

Here are some things you can do to join in or share:
  • Visit and share my post at Teach Mentor Texts. You can comment here but I'd really love to keep the conversation there if possible.
  • Watch this amazingly powerful speech from Chris Emdin. It helped me solidify some of my own thoughts. (Thanks to Kathy Burnette for sharing it with me.)
  • Create your response to the question: How can education change the world? Link or share it in the comments here.
  • Share the post and my video. We need more people in this conversation! Please invite others to think about this and join in. 
Thanks for listening! I see you. You inspire me. 


  1. I agree and I completely endorse your motive and appreciate your teacher abilities.I think every parent and students should click here to read such educational blog.

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  4. Absolutely right Education can change the entire world. After read this post it comes to know that education is the major part of life it can makes the person a true human being.

  5. Yes. education can change the world. But you need to have a big mind. Not only education but also need a beautiful mind. Then the world will be changed. Otherwise you can't do this.


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