Sunday, March 5, 2017

JOIN: Celebrating Conversations During Catch

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Two weeks ago I attended a day of professional development. We did an icebreaker where we walked around with a paper full of bingo-type squares. In each square was a fact about one person in the room. Our task was to walk around and try to guess which fact belonged to each person. 

One of the squares said, "I have been to 48 states." The fact belonged to the instructor and she explained, "I had been to 48 states before I was 18." She still hasn't visited Alaska or Hawaii. 

It made me think this might be a fun challenge for our family. Later that afternoon, I played catch with my six-year-old in our front yard. I didn't want to play catch. I was tired and all I wanted to do was sit down. But he so so so wanted me to play with him. He loves playing catch. I groaned as I slipped out the front door and told him we had to do short catches because I can't throw as far as dad.

But then as we threw the football back and forth and I asked him what he thought of the idea of trying to get to all 50 states. We had a big discussion about what states we have been to and what's the difference between and a city and a state and is Guatemala a state and on and on. It was such a sweet discussion, just me and him, outside on a rare warm day in February. 

Even though I didn't really want to play catch, I did. 
I'm so glad I did. That sweet little conversation was just so perfect. 

 And then he went to school and typed up this note using the Seesaw app. 
And I was really glad I went out to play catch with him. 

Sometimes it's the small little moments we shouldn't let pass us by. 
Sometimes it's the small little moments we shouldn't overlook. 
Sometimes it's the small little moments we should cherish when we can. 

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