Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WATCH: Street Art With a Message of Hope and Peace by El Seed

Over the years, I've encountered so many different types of people in my work. I've learned to recognize each person's strengths and to appreciate them for what they bring to our interaction. Sometimes it takes longer to get to the heart of a person - what their passions and values and beliefs are - what guides them and the decisions they make. But I believe in finding the best in everyone. I believe we all have a story inside of us that makes us who we are.

And I believe we all need to live our story. 

El Seed talks about his work and how he's spreading a message and hoping to impact the world through his art. He calls is a blend of calligraphy and graffiti. I call it stunning.

Watch and reflect on how you are sharing your message with the world. What are some ways you might help others see your message? How might sharing your message make a positive impact on you? On others?

Watch and think about how El Seed responded to the man who was upset about his artwork. He initially wanted to write a message that said, "In your face," but instead he wrote, "Open your heart." How might you help yourself take time to pause before reacting to someone? How might taking time to think help you be more thoughtful in how you respond?

Thanks for opening your heart and exploring your story with me!
I'm glad you are here.

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