Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The One Where Perdita Moved In #sol15

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One week ago today I led an introduction to a book study and discussion about Ruth Ayres' book Celebrating Writers. Afterwards, I went home and worked on my NaNoWriMo project while my husband took the kids to a Chicago Bears event. I had the house to myself for a little while before running over to the library to pick up books that were waiting for me on hold. 

It was a nice night but nothing like what my after school life looks like now. 

We brought home a puppy on Saturday. I saw her on the adoption center's Facebook page Friday before last and filled out the application to adopt her. But then i didn't hear anything else and they took her page down from the website so I assumed she was already adopted. 

Then on Wednesday, I got a call asking if we were still interested in adopting a puppy. I set up an appointment to meet her on Thursday. After I met her (and fell in love), we took the kids over to meet her too. We were approved to adopt her and went in on Saturday to take her home. 
Saturday morning, we went to swimming lessons, went out to breakfast, and then went shopping for all the dog supplies we would need. As we walked from breakfast to the pet store, both Little Bean and Peanut were literally hopping and skipping with excitement like I've never seen before. 
I've wanted a dog since before I was married. I've waited a really long time. But I'm glad we did. Little Bean is five and in kindergarten and Peanut is eight and in third grade and it just seems like a perfect time for them to have a puppy to take care of and love. 
One week ago today I had no idea how different my life would be today. I run home at lunch and as soon as school is over to take care of her, I have dog treats in my pocket, and I find myself thinking about her curled up next to me all day. 
Her and her brother were at the rescue shelter and because they think they might be part Dalmation, they called them Pongo and Perdita. We weren't sure if we were going to keep her name or not but the more we called her Perdi, the more we loved it. And when I looked up the meaning of Perdita, it seemed even more fitting than ever. 

Perdita is a character in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale whose name means lost. She grows up without realizing she has royal heritage and falls in love with a prince. His parents don't approve of their marriage because she isn't royalty...until they find out she is and they live happily ever after. Perdita was rescued from animal control in southern Illinois and I like the idea that we've found her and she gets to live out her happily ever after with us. 
One week ago today I didn't realize how full our hearts would be with Perdita in our lives. 

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