Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Scholastic Branches Rules! #ad

Today I'm celebrating Scholastic BRANCHES “Pick a Series, Grow a Reader”, a group of 14 different chapter book series for young readers. 

When the books arrived, Peanut and I went through and looked at each one. The colors are colorful and engaging and we were so excited to see all the different types of books. We recognized Boris On The Move as we've got all the books in the series already. Peanut loves Boris because he goes in lots of different adventures. Being eight and in 3rd grade, all the books were perfect for him and he's been excited to read them. He feels confident when reading and is always excited to talk to me about what he's read. Here's more from Scholastic about the Branches series!

Ever have trouble finding just the right book for kids who are ready to make the leap from early readers but not quite prepared for a traditional chapter book? Scholastic has the answer!  Branches is a unique line of books specifically designed for newly independent readers, typically kids ages 5 to 8. The Branches line is here to help you foster a love of reading in your kids and give them the tools they need to become life-long readers.

·         Branches books help your child get a head-start on his or her reading career! Each book includes: easy-to-read text, simple plot lines, plenty of context cues, cliffhanger chapter endings, and purposeful illustrations (on every page!) that aid in reading comprehension.  Feeling like a successful reader will bolster your child’s self-confidence, which will lead to an increased interest in reading.

·         The Branches line is solely made up of series. We want young readers to return to their favorite characters again and again—because that is how they build reading stamina and confidence!

·         There is a Branches book for every kid! According the Kids and Parents Reading Report™: Fifth Edition 73% of kids believe that they would read more if they could find more books that they like.  With 14 different series and counting Branches delivers on providing kids with plenty of choices, so every reader can find the perfect book for them.  Does your kid love to laugh? Perfect! There is the zany and hilarious Kung Pow Chicken. Does your reader love a fantastical adventure? Dragon Masters has it all: Dragons, a Dragon Stone, a king, a wizard, and magic! How about a spooky story? Eerie Elementary will have your young readers on the edge of their seats!

Each Branches book is chock-full of loveable, relatable characters! And all of the books explore relevant themes for readers ages 5-8 like friends, school, magic, and adventure—ensuring that each book will grab your young readers’ attention!

I'm so excited for all of these books and have already been sharing them with other teachers. I love that these are engaging books that are also part of series. Kids are going to flip for these books!

Thanks to Scholastic for sending us books to review and giving me the opportunity to offer a giveaway of four books from the Branches series. 


OWL DIARIES: Eva’s Treetop Festival
Eva Wingdale gets in over her head when she decides to create a Bloomtastic Festival at school. Even with her best friend Lucy's help, there is no way she will get everything done in time. Will Eva have to ask Sue (a.k.a. Meanie McMeanerson) for help? Or will the festival have to be cancelled? This owl-dorable series will appeal to girls who love stories about animals and friendship!

KUNG POW CHICKEN: Let’s Get Cracking!
Gordon Blue was just an ordinary second grader—until he became the SUPERHERO known as Kung Pow Chicken. Now Gordon must put his SUPERPOWERS to the test…. He is having a blast at the Fowl Festival, but then POOF! Feathers fill the air and naked chickens fill the streets. Is the EVIL Granny Goosebumps up to no good? Kung Pow Chicken is about to find out!

PEANUT SAYS: "I like how it's this normal chicken and this egg named Gordon and they turn into superheroes whenever they need something. And I like the awesome Rocket Rooster and the stuff they have inside his room."

EERIE ELEMENTARY: The School is Alive!
Sam Graves discovers that his elementary school is ALIVE! Sam finds this out on his first day as the school hall monitor. Sam must defend himself and his fellow students against the evil school! Is Sam up to the challenge? He'll find out soon enough: the class play is just around the corner. Sam teams up with friends Lucy and Antonio to stop this scary school before it's too late!

DRAGON MASTERS: Rise of the Earth Dragon
Eight-year-old Drake is snatched up by King Roland's soldier and taken to the castle. He learns that he is to be trained as a Dragon Master. At the castle, he is joined by three other young Dragon Masters-in-training: Ana, Rori, and Bo. The Dragon Masters must learn how to connect with and train their dragons—and they must also uncover their dragons' special powers. Does Drake have what it takes to be a Dragon Master? What is his dragon's special power?

PEANUT SAYS: "I like how the boys gets his own dragon. I also like how one day he was farming and then at night someone takes him to the palace and makes him a Dragon Master of King Roland."

Be sure to download the Leveling Guide and the “After Reading” Guide and visit the following the BRANCHES Official Site for more information. Also be sure to follow Scholastic on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest and use or search the hashtag #ScholasticBranches.

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