Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The One With Bringing the Fun #sol15

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Last Monday I had a tickle in my throat. 
Last Tuesday I had a saws in my throat and my head felt like a brick. 
Last Wednesday I stayed home from school to rest.

Being sick is no fun. 
Every time I'm sick, I hesitate to stay home. 
I want to be at school. 

So on Thursday when I did go back to school and it was a day to meet with my middle school teams, I shared a quick reminder with them. I gathered up all sorts of gift bags and grocery bags and tucked in a secret to share with them. 

I told them I wanted to share the secret of teaching with them.
One by one, 
I pulled a bag out
of another bag
out of another bag
until we got to the 
heart of the matter.

I revealed a handheld mirror and walked around to make sure everyone looked into it to see his or her face smiling back. 

Teachers make all the difference.
When we shows students we care and respect them, they care and respect us.
When we are passionate about our subject matter, the students will be too.
When we are excited about learning, our students are excited, too.

Our energy and enthusiasm is what we want to be contagious in our classrooms!

The best we can do is take care of ourselves - physically but also mentally - so we can bring our best selves into our classrooms. 
Over the weekend I dressed up like a pirate with Peanut and snapped a few shots of Little Bean at a park and on a jumpy slide we visited. Then I came to school yesterday and danced the whip and wrote in my writer's notebook with 5th graders. I'm sharing a few pictures now and asking you to double up on your hand sanitizer use and remember to have fun in and out of your classroom! 

Take care of yourself! 

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