Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The One Where I Become a Motorcycle Mama #sol15

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I took a motorcycle class! I shared a picture on Sunday of the Honda Rebel that I rode for my class. This was a state-offered basic rider course where they went over important information about riding a motorcycle and ran us through various exercises. By the end of the experience, our riding skills were evaluated and we took a written test. 

I talk about embracing the growth mindset a lot - accepting challenges, persevering through obstacles, trying and trying again, being inspired by others' success, listening to feedback. But while taking the class this weekend, I thought about what it really feels like to push myself to my limit, to the edge of my comfort zone. 

At one point during the class, I was frustrated. I tried a u-turn which was hard; I didn't stay within the lines and I put my foot down. I knew what I had to do but I couldn't do it (yet) and then after that I went right into a swerving exercise and I was confused by the hand motion the instructor gave me so I didn't stop when I was supposed to. 

The coach came over to me and asked me what happened. As I explained that I was frustrated and then confused, tears burned my eyes. But something about how he asked me and let me self assess allowed me to see what went wrong and own how I could adjust and keep going and try again.

He nodded and told me to go do it. He believed in me and then I believed in myself. I tried again and I got better. I'm soooo not perfect and need lots of practice still but I passed! 
(Obligatory, celebratory frappucino!)

I was exhausted after most of Saturday and Sunday outside in 90 degree weather, borderline dehydrated, in head to toe gear and pushing my brain to it's maximum concentration level. 

Two things stood out to me from this experience. 1. I was determined because this was something I really wanted to do for me. No one else made me or had to convince me and it made a difference in my attitude. 2. My coach didn't point out what I needed to change until I recognized the problem myself. He gave me time and space and kept a light heart always. I learned to push myself but not take myself so seriously at the same time. 

Thanks to this experience, I've found a new mantra for myself:
When was the last time you really pushed yourself to the limit? What did you learn about yourself and how you got through it? 

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