Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The One With The First Day of School 2015 #sol15

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The kids are back to school this week! It was fun celebrating their first day with them. It was a little emotional to see Little Bean go off to kindergarten but he did a great job, made a new friend, and feels like he knows where to go and what to do already. 

When I dropped Peanut off on Monday, I saw one of his friends and I asked her how she was feeling about the first day. She responded, "Nervous," and I talked to her about I would be nervous too being at a new school with a new teacher and new classmates but I knew it would all be fine. Watching Little Bean, Peanut, and their friends go to school on Monday reminded me what it feels like to be a student on the first day of school.

Here's my 3rd grader and my kindergartener on the first day of school!

 We, as educators, have important jobs. Parents and caregivers send us the precious kids and we get to spend time learning with them. It's pretty amazing to be in this field and to know the impact we have on the future by giving kids the best learning experiences possible today. 

I'm proud to be an educator! I hope all the teachers, librarians, coaches, administrators out there take a second to revel in the work that we do and soak in the fact that we are all difference makers. And thank you to all the parents and caregivers for entrusting your children to us and working with us to help them grow into lifelong learners. It's something special to be part of for sure.

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