Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The One With All The Hugs #sol15

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Yesterday I shared some of my memories from growing up but one thing I didn't mention is how we greet each other and say good-bye. It's just normal in my family that when someone comes over to visit or even when someone comes home, we come to the door to say hello to them. Saying hello usually means a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And when someone is leaving, it's the same, we walk them to the door, we give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

When I was dating my husband he pointed out that my family hugs a lot. He joked how just coming over or trying to leave the house meant all the hugs from all the people. I didn't know anything other than this. My family is affectionate and caring and welcoming. They are supportive and expressive and loving. It's not right or wrong, it's just how they are.

This is my normal.

But I've realized over the years that not everyone is a hugger. 
Some people are happy to take a hug if offered.
Some people don't even like to be touched. 

Obviously, people have different styles and personalities and that's great. But I've noticed something recently. I have a colleague who claps and will offer encouragement after someone presents or shares. 

She'll start clapping and others will clap along. 

But I've seen over the years that not everyone appreciates her enthusiasm.
Some people roll their eyes. 
Some people shake their heads.

She happens to be Hispanic.
She reminds me of my mom, my aunt, a family friend.
She is my normal.

It may not be normal 
for some people.
in business meetings. 
in formal situations. 

But accepting others should be normal. 
Appreciating people for who they are and what they bring to a situation should be normal.
Understanding that we all have different perspectives to a situation should be normal.

I want that to be my normal.

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