Friday, March 6, 2015

The One Where I Take A Breath #sol15

Every Tuesday, I participate in the Slice of Life challenge at Two Writing Teachers. Every March, the Slice of Life Challenge is a month-long experience where Slicers post every single day for the entire month. I'm joining in on the monthly challenge this year! For more information on what a Slice of Life post is about, you can go here.

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Today is day six of the Slice of Life Challenge and I'm doing pretty good. I feel like I'm on a roll but Friday nights are hard. We're always exhausted on Friday nights but this Friday night, Peanut is sick, the throwing-up, feeling-yucky kind of sick. Blech. Literally.

This is also a busy time of year at school. We're getting ready for PARCC on Monday and some big changes have been announced recently which makes things feel a little unstable. 

And then that brings me to the March Slice of Life Challenge and trying to keep up with daily posts while also trying to revise my novel and a picture book. I'm super excited to be attending a local SCBWI event tomorrow but I'm not really prepared which leads me to...

 Take a Breath 

When I get caught up in all the go go go. 
When I'm lost from too much to do.
When I almost want to give up. 
I take a breath.

When I see oh so so so many possibilities.
When I'm trying to squeeze in time.
When I come close to giving up.
I take a breath.

When I celebrate all the teeny tiny baby steps.
When I'm bolstered by friends and family.
When I know I won't give up.
I take a breath.

Tonight I'm taking a breath but I'll be back tomorrow to talk about my dad as the fun of the March Slice of Life Challenge continues!

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