Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The One With a Some Presto Chango!

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Despite the fact that it was super warm here yesterday, I'm celebrating fall and that it's almost November. As I sat in my office trying to think up what I would write about today, I realized it was time to switch my valance around. Remember back in April when I sewed a valance for my office window? If not, you can click here.

My office looked way different then! Since April, I moved all my furniture out of my office and basically have just one table in the middle where I can meet with others and work. Everyday, I walk into an empty table. It's kind of like setting up shop at Starbucks when I go there to work...minus the amazing coffee smell, and the friendly baristas, and the lovely music, and the  jazzy music. It does have a little bit of ambiance to it thanks to my valance and it makes me happy to have that little slice of me in my office.

Here's what it looked like yesterday when I was working on this blog post:

But I intentionally made the valance reversible so that I could switch to a non-flowery pattern when the fall and winter months rolled around. And here we are! I switch to this funky black and white geometric pattern. 
It was a bit of a presto chango and it made me feel re-energized a bit. I have some books stacked in the corner that I'm going to talk about next week. Just a little slice of my everyday life at work. 

What do you love about where you work? What do you do to make it your own?

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