Saturday, October 25, 2014

Let's Celebrate Real Role Models!

It's time to CELEBRATE This Week with Ruth Ayres from Discover. Play. Build.  Every week Ruth invites us to share our celebrations from the week and link up at her blog. What a fun way to reflect on everything there is to be thankful for. 

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This week I'm celebrating real role models!

*throws confetti*

In discussions with teachers, coaches, and administrators recently, I talk about how amazing Twitter is as professional development and how I've connected with educators via Twitter and blogging. We had our first district Twitter chat last week and the topic was being a Connected Educator. People often ask me what they should tweet about. They wonder aloud, "What do I have to say that anyone cares about?" These questions always throw me because most of the time, I don't think too critically about what I tweet, I just tweet, I share my story. Obviously, I take more time to blog but that's because I'm attempting to say significantly more in a succinct but hopefully interesting way. Last weekend at dinner, the topic of what we post on Facebook and Twitter and other social media and how it is perceived came up and that caused me to think even more deeply about what I put out for others to read.

On Monday, I shared thoughts I had after reading blog posts from Ruth, Donalyn, and Katherine. On Tuesday, Ruth shared a link to an article that outlined how relationships might be different if we shared more, supported each other through ups and downs, and celebrated along the way. I completely, wholeheartedly agree. 

I try to share different aspects of my life without getting too personal but while trying to keep it as real as possible. I'm conscious lately of keeping this balance. I want to share the me that contemplates life through reading and writing and teaching and learning but also the me that struggles to get blog posts up, read all the books I set out to read on Mondays, and come up with ideas to write about. I'm not perfect. I remind myself that I'm enough at least once a day. But I do try to pay attention to everything I have to be grateful for...because there truly is a lot. This usually means that the celebration comes through a lot whether I'm blogging or on Twitter. 

I would like to dedicate this post to strong, brave, passionate, real women like Ruth, Katherine and Donalyn, who I have the extreme pleasure to know. I consider myself incredibly lucky to count them as friends and as teachers, mothers, readers, and writers I look up to. My new favorite word is "iteration". I'm a big-time believer in the growth mindset and the word iteration seems to capture this idea of continually growing and updating as I go. The version of me that writes this today will be different from the version of me who writes next week's Celebrate post. Day by day, I aspire to be just a sliver as amazing as these wonderful ladies.

If you haven't visited their blogs lately, I invite you to stop by to visit them and their stories.

What are you celebrating this week?

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