Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The One With Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe

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Over the weekend I took the kids to my friends' Labor Day party. I've known April and Tom since I was a freshman in college. We went to football games and parties and were roommates my senior year. On the hour-long car ride there, I told Peanut all about how I became friends with April and Tom and how I actually knew them before I met his dad. 

One of my favorite memories of college was when we all lived together in a townhouse on Aspen Court. I lived upstairs with the girls and our two guy roommates (my now-husband and a friend) lived downstairs. On Thursday nights, the new Friends show aired and we would pile into our living room to watch together. It was such a great tradition and even after we graduated, I would hang out at April and Tom's on Thursday nights and we continued to watch Friends together. I have so many great memories 

It's not often that I see college friends like April and Tom any more. I'm sad now that I didn't take a picture while we were there. I do have a picture from last fall when we went to see our NIU Huskies play the Purdue Boilermakers with another roommate, Emily. We went down the night before, stayed up late talking, and then tailgated before the game just like old times.
 April and me

From left to right, Derek, Tom, me, April, Emily, Chad

So speaking of Friends. I thought it might be fun to share two of my favorite Friends moments that still make me laugh even after seeing them hundreds of times. I can never get enough friends in real life or Friends the show. The episode names were actually inspiration for the titles of my Slice of Life posts. 

Are you a Friends fan? Or maybe you have your own Friends show. I would love to hear your favorites and any memories or moments with your own friends!

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