Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The One With No Right Way #slice2014

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This morning I met with a group of fourth graders to share some information about using Google Drive. Their teacher has been working with them for a little over a week now. The know how to sign in, create Google Docs, share Google Docs and create folders. Now they were curious how the could share folders and how they might move documents into different folders. 
What I love about kiddos who are learning Google Drive for the first time is that they don't know any other way of doing things. Their brain doesn't have to compete with what they already know, unlearning and relearning how to manage Google Drive. 

Nonetheless, they are new to Google Drive and I wanted them to start to realize how user friendly Google Drive is but also that when it comes to technology, there are lots of times when there is going to be many ways to do things. There isn't necessarily a wrong or a right way but there might be some ways that are easier or quicker or more comfortable. 

First, they wanted to know how to move documents into folders. I asked them if they knew how. One student chimed in, explaining that he checks the box next to the document and then drags it into the folder. We explored what might happen if we didn't check the box and only dragged the file into the folder. It worked! And then I showed them three other ways to move a file into a folder. 

Then we talked about sharing folders. This time I showed them a few ways to do this. Google is amazing because even though you click different things to get you there, most of the time you get to the same dialogue box that ultimately lets you share a document or move a folder. No matter what path we chose, it took us to a similar destination. 

I love that technology gives us an opportunity to have these types of growth mindset conversations with kids. It was so easy to show them how different clicks still took us to the same results and for them to see how clearly there are different ways to do things but not a right or a wrong way. 

It's much easier to collaborate with others if you are able to recognize that just because they do something a different way doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong or right. And it's also an amazing experience to work with others and know that all of your ideas count and that by combining your shared ideas, you might come up with a great idea or plan.

Have you had any growth mindset conversations lately?

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