Saturday, July 19, 2014

Let's Celebrate Piggyback Rides and Melting Ice Cream!

It's time to CELEBRATE This Week with Ruth Ayres from Discover. Play. Build.  Every week Ruth invites us to share our celebrations from the week and link up at her blog. What a fun way to reflect on everything there is to be thankful for. 

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This week I'm celebrating piggyback rides and melting ice cream!

*throws confetti*

There's something about four- and seven-year-olds being just-right for piggyback rides! Lately, it feels like I've been giving a lot of these but thank goodness for them. As soon as a hint of crankiness seems like it's about to overcome either Peanut or Little Bean, I recommend a piggyback ride and it completely turns their mood around. (On a side not, I'm so in love with that little face peaking over my shoulder! Gosh, I love that kid.)
My nephews were in town last weekend and while we were at the park, an ice cream truck came around. My younger nephew turned to me and said, "Is that an ice cream truck?" When I confirmed that it was he said, "I thought those were only real on TV." Well, you know that meant we had to buy an ice cream from an ice cream truck after that.  
My sweet Little Bean loves the ice cream/popsicles with the gumball eyes - whether it's Sponge Bob, Spiderman or a Ninja Turtle, that's the kind he always wants. He's still figuring out how to eat it fast enough so that it doesn't melt down his arm but I'm happy to cherish these days of being messy and sticky and loving a treat so much that it doesn't matter if it ends up all over the place.
What summer fun are you celebrating this week?

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