Friday, December 27, 2013

Poetry Friday - Overheard at the Sled Hill

It's the last Poetry Friday of the year and yesterday when we were sledding, I was inspired to write a I did! I've loved participating in Poetry Friday (albeit sporadically) and am excited to share more poetry in 2014. You can visit the round-up over at A Year of Reading today. 
Overheard at the Sled Hill
By Jen Vincent

Will you give us a push?

I wanna go in front this time.

Where did you get the lunch trays?

Hold on!

Are you ready?

Don't let go.

See you at the bottom!

Hey, wanna race?


That was fun!

*more giggles*

Let's do that again!

Can you tell we had a blast sledding yesterday? It was cold in the morning but warmed up by late afternoon and was perfect sledding weather. I loved seeing my kids all bundled up and rosy cheeked with smiles on their faces. (You can totally see one of the lunch trays over my right shoulder! There were three teenaged boys who were talking about how easily they snuck them into their backpacks and out of the cafeteria. All I could think was what would Lunch Lady do?!)
Do you have any fun sledding stories, memories, or poems to share? 

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