Friday, September 28, 2012


Bloggiesta September 28-30, 2012
It's time for the fall Bloggiesta 
hosted by Danielle at There's a Book and Suey at It's All About Books
Bloggiesta helps bloggers focus on their blog for a weekend twice a year. 

We have decided to participate in Bloggiesta again! It's always a blast and we get so much done. 
If you've been thinking about spiffing up your blog, this is the perfect chance to see what 
other bloggers are doing and to take the time to do what you need to do. Make sure to 
check out all the mini-challenges offered this weekend! 

Step one for us is always creating a to-do list. Gotta love it. 
We'll be sure to share everything we accomplished on Monday during the meme! 

1. Create a list of goals!
2. Log the hours we put into work on the blog: JEN __0__  KELLEE __6__
3. 5. Reworking Widgets including Pinterest "Pin It" button by the other social media buttons
4. Rethink in regards to Common Core
6. New background? New banner? 
8. Update 2012 Challenges Page: JEN  KELLEE
9. Check on My Copyright settings
10. Schedule reviews/posts 
11. Record We Believe in Picture Books video and share JEN



  1. As I visit everyone's starting line post, I keep finding things to add to my list. Oh well, as long as I get some things done, I'll be happy.

    Hope you have a productive weekend!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  2. I said last night that I think I spent more time coming up with my to do list than I will actually blogging. It took forever!

    Good luck this weekend!

  3. Jen and Kellee - Fantastic to see you doing Bloggiesta again this year. It was last time's Bloggiesta that really got me involved in the book blogging/reading community. Can't wait to see the changes that you will bring to your blog. (Just don't change too much - I already love the way you guys are now!)

  4. Good luck with your goals! My main goal this weekend is to write and schedule reviews. Have fun!

  5. I always change something about the way my blog looks everytime Bloggiesta rolls around. Something about starting with a fresh look makes the mundane stuff more tolerable. Have a fantastic weekend, see you Monday!


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