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It's A-Okay to Reread in April - Week 1

Lots of people seem excited about It's A-OK to Reread in April! I shared this challenge a few weeks ago and now April is here! It's been almost a full week of rereading in April actually. I first want to share with you what books I will be rereading in April and then I'll share my experience so far in rereading!

Jen's April Rereads:

Time Traveler's Wife *finished reread 4/6/12*
Wonder (audio) *finished reread 4/4/12*
Graceling (audio?) 
Charlotte's Web (audio) 
Hurt Go Happy (I skipped it in my video, sorry!)
Marty McGuire #1
Little Princess
Finnikin of the Rock (audio?)
Night Circus
 Fire (audio?)
Maniac McGee (audio?)
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (audio?)

Backups (If I have time):
First Part Last (audio) *finished reread 4/3/12*
Stargirl (audio?)

Jen's Deep Thoughts on Rereading:
I am having a blast with this challenge. I read furiously last week to be totally ready to reread this week. It's fun to reread! I love all the books in my stack so it's like revisiting old friends.

First, I noticed that while I remember and love the stories I am rereading, there are moments in the book that I read and think, "Oh, yeah!" because I had forgotten a small part of the story until I get to that point. It has only been a short time since I first read Wonder by RJ Palacio but I had forgotten about the farting nurse! She's so funny. There were other moments like this that were fun to reread.

Another thing I noticed while rereading was that since I was familiar with the story, I was able to savor the writing. I reveled in the author's craft and wondered why he or she made the choices he or she did. I thought about characters and how the story was woven together. I love how RJ Palacio moved from narrator to narrator in Wonder and I could see how it flowed. I appreciate the authors' work even more.

The most surprising revelation was I made different connections while rereading. I know, duh...but it took rereading for me to understand completely. The first time I read The First Part Last I was a new mom and I related with the main character. This time around I connected with him even more thinking about how I now have two kiddos to love in my life and how my love has grown for them. In Time Traveler's Wife, Henry visits the Art Institute of Chicago and sees Saint George Killing the Dragon. Over winter break, our friend, Shawn, showed us around AIC. She was an art teacher so she had lots of tidbits to share with us. She took us to see Saint George, a beautiful piece with a mesmerizing story. Before, when Henry visited Saint George, I kept reading but now I was excited because I have seen the painting and can picture where they were. There are only two examples of how I made different connections this time around with both books because I've had new experiences since I read them.

The last thing that struck me was I was still moved by the stories even though I had read them before. I wondered if I would cry at the same parts that I did the first time I read these books. And I did! In a way, I thought I wouldn't be as emotional this time because it wasn't new any more but I still love the characters. If anything, I might have been more emotional because I knew what was up ahead. In all three books I reread this week, I found myself teary-eyed or crying at times when I don't remember crying the first time through...and then again at the same times that I did the first time reading. 

Remember you can join in on the rereading fun to earn a Rereading button at the end of the month!
Rereading Rules!
Reread 1 novel (MG or YA) and 3 picture books or chapter books.
Write at least 1 blog post or 1 comment that shares your rereading experience.
Any book that you have read before - 
whether it was 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago counts as a reread! 

Rereading Rockstar!
Reread 2 novels (MG or YA) and 5 picture books or chapter books.
Write at least 2 blog posts or 4 comments that share your rereading experience.
Any book that you have read before - 
whether it was 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago counts as a reread! 

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