Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Bit of Me(me) - 10/8/11

Thank you Crystal at I Totally Paused for hosting A Bit of Me(Me) this week and thank you also to Danielle at There's a Book for creating this meme!

As for this week's question....

Have you been on a cruise? Where did you go? Would you do it again... or never again? 

I loved the one cruise that I have been on! It was in February 2005 and was just a short cruise to the Bahamas, but it was such a fun experience!!  Where else can you act like there are no cares in the world?! 

  • Singing karaoke with my sister. 

  • Going to the top deck of the boat with my sister, brother and Jim, my now-husband, and pretending to be Jack and Rose from Titanic
  • Winning a tiny trophy for trivia.
  • Dressing up and going to the fancy dining room with my family. 
  • Walking through Nassau with my husband and listening to people ask him, "Pretty lady, can we braid your hair?" until they saw that he was a guy. 
    • Jim was growing his hair out to donate it to Locks of Love in honor of his mom who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.
I hope that I get to go on another cruise one day as I truly enjoyed myself!

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