Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bit of Me(Me)- 10/15/11

We all leave our “footprint” on the world, in one way or another. In our daily lives, we each do something or are someone that makes the world a little better simply by being ourselves. Danielle from There's a Book created this wonderful, weekly meme to learn a bit more about bloggers in this blogging community we all have come to love. The idea is to share our lives outside of books. Each week a question will be posted. Your job is to answer in the following week’s “A Bit of Me(Me)”. You can link up here with your post that answers Danielle's questions from last week.

We understand that some of you are skeptical about putting yourself out there on the internet and completely respect that. If ever a questions is posed through this meme that you feel is too personal for your liking, feel free to post something else. We don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable with what they share and promise the kids will always be “kid-friendly”. Really, this is a primarily children’s and young adult site, you know?

So, let’s get started!

It's Halloween this month- what are your favorite Halloween activities? Do you decorate for the holiday? Go to haunted houses? 

This is a weird question for me.  In my "old" age I have become more jumpy and I really do not like haunted houses or anything like that.  I have been to Halloween Horror Nights twice and I am such a scaredy cat! So, Halloween to me has just become a day where I buy candy for the couple of kids who come to my house and then it taunts me to eat it.  

Now,  when I was a child and teenager, I loved Halloween! I dressed up and went trick-or-treating until I was 19 years old.  My favorite costume memory was when I dressed up as a bag of M&Ms and my sister, brother AND dog all wore complimentary costumes (that my mom made!).  As you can see, Halloween was also a big family holiday because we had certain traditions that happened every year.  My mother always made the most delicious chili and apple dumplings while my dad was in charge of answering the door.  I loved that he would play spooky music, wear a really scary mask and scare the little kids as they'd come to the door.  My dad was such a cool dad! 

So- what about you? How do you make Halloween special?

Next week’s A Bit of Me(Me) will be hosted by Danielle at There's a Book where she will provide the link-up and the next question for the following week. Thanks everyone! See you next week!

Now, your turn! Link up below and tell everyone “A Bit of You!"

Next Week’s Question (link-up with your answer at Danielle’s site): If you could pick one TV show, one movie, one song and one book to limit yourself to for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

Have a question to add? We love suggestions! Just leave them in the comments and I’ll share them with Danielle so we can think about adding them in as we go! Also, feel free to grab either of the buttons for your own “A Bit of Me(Me)” post (or create your own), but make sure to link back to There’s A Book(You can also resize these down to a smaller size if you’d like.)

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