Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Owlkids Books

     One of my 2011 goals is to read more nonfiction.  I've been working on looking for more and more nonfiction picture books and even expository text to read.  I've even read some biography this year.  I'm thrilled to share Owlkids Books with you.  They have some great nonfiction texts available for children of various ages.  Not only do they have great books, they also have magazines for kids.  For ages 3-6 they have Chirp.  For kids who are ages 6-9 they have chickaDEE.  And for ages 9-12 they have Owl. Throughout June, I will be highlighting Owlkids books that they have shared with me.
Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About EverythingThe Human Body: Lift the Flap and LearnHow Football Works (How Sports Work)
     I have noticed that as I explore more nonfiction text I am realizing how much kids are drawn to it.  As I talk to students about nonfiction text I'm reading or share it with Peanut, it is apparent to me how curious and interested in the world kids are.  It probably shouldn't be a huge revelation to adults, but I do think it is easy to forget how new the world is to kids.  I read nonfiction as an adult and as a teacher but getting back to nonfiction that kids read has awakened that 5-year-old me who wondered at how it is we are little beings seemingly magically held to the Earth as we spin through space and around the sun.
Why?: The Best Ever Question and Answer Book about Nature, Science and the World around YouWho Wants Pizza?: The Kids' Guide to the History, Science and Culture of Food
     Obviously, I realize how much fiction reading allows us to explore but nonfiction is a whole different element.  Have you read any of Owlkids' books or magazines?  What are you favorites?  What about nonfiction text?  For me, nonfiction text had me with the pictures.  I love how the pictures draw a reader in and catch our curiousity; just daring us to read what the picture is all about.  Make sure to check back for my reviews of these great books!

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