Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Human Body: Lift the Flap and Learn

The Human Body: Lift the Flap and LearnTitle: The Human Body: Lift the Flap and Learn    
Author: Pascale Hedelin   
Illustrator: Robert Barborini
Publisher: Owlkids
Publication Date: 2011 
Genre/Format: Nonfiction/Picture Book - Spiral-bound and Lift the Flap  Summary: "This hands-on book about bodies is a must-have reference for preschoolers!" - I agree completely with the publisher, this book uncovers various bodily topics in a way that is exciting yet informative. 
What I Think: As a mom and a teacher I love this book because it has helped me explain concepts that are difficult to understand or to explain to kids.  With little kids, I find it hard to explain concepts that people can't see and that goes for my deaf and hard of hearing students, too.  Anything visual to support what I'm teaching helps so much.  This book is so visual and hand's on.  there are flaps to lift, pages to slip open, wheels to turn.  It's fun for me even!  While most nonfiction picture books for kids have great photographs and illustrations, this book has the element of being interactive that is awesome.  There aren't any real photographs in the book, but I think that's what I would look for to extend learning on one of the topics or to continue the learning for older students.
     Have you seen the makeover to the food pyramid?  I just heard about it and I love it.  My husband is a PE teacher and I have changed what I eat lately so we talk a lot about what's healthy and what we should be eating.  The new system is called My Plate and you can read more about it at  I know I didn't get enough information about the food we eat and what food we should eat when I was in school.  I love how this book can be a springboard for talking about eating healthy and taking care of our bodies by eating foods that are good for us.
Read Together: Pre-K - 5 
Read Alone: Pre-K - 5 
Read With: The Human Body by Seymour Simon and other books about the human body or parts of our bodies; and articles from their website
Snatch of Text: 
Sun Power
"It's a beautiful summer day.  Jack is at the beach, but he didn't wear 
his sunglasses, hat, shirt, or sunscreen to protect him from the sun.  
Pull the tab to see what will happen to him.

Yikes! Jack's skin is all red.  He has a sunburn!  
And the sun's rays also gave him a headache.  
The rays are invisible but dangerous.  That's why it's 
important to protect your skin from the sun." 
Reading Strategies to Practice: Using Text Features, Activating Background Knowledge, Making Connections, Asking Questions 
Writing Strategies to Practice: Expository, Persuasive
Writing Prompts: Create a brochure to explain how a part of the human body works, then persuade the reader to take care of his or her body.  For preschoolers, children could trace their bodies on butcher paper, color it in, and then label (by writing or by gluing printed words) to match or name body parts.   
Topics Covered: Integration - Science, Parts of the Body 
Translated to Spanish: No

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