Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bit of Me(me) 2/26/11

I feel like I'm learning about myself by doing There's a Book's A Bit of Me(me) every week.  It's making me think about myself to be able to blog and tell you about myself.

This week's question is:
What would your 
dream job be?

I've been thinking about this one all's trickier than I thought it would be.  My first thought was that I love what I'm doing.  I love my job.  This year I especially love teaching because my students are really reading.  It's so much fun to talk to them about books and share my love of reading with them.  But at the same time, there are definitely other jobs I think it would be fun to try at some point in my life or wish I could have.  I'm thinking some of these I'll try my hand at when my kids get older and I can maybe have a summer job.  The third is just a complete dream job...  Here are the top three that have come to mind this morning:

1. Starbucks Barista - I'm not sure why this seems like so much fun to me, but if I could, I think I would want to work at Starbucks and be an awesome barista.  First of all, I love Starbucks.  I love the atmosphere, it's relaxing and calm to me.  I also love people.  I would love interacting with people while making their drinks.  Now, I do have to admit that I'm a little bit scared of having to figure out how to make all the fancy drinks, but at the same time I love challenges so I think it would be fun to be doing something so hands-on.  My only fear is that I would grow to dislike Starbucks once it was a job instead of a getaway for me.

2. Yoga Instructor - So I just recently started doing yoga this week and I'm completely in love with it.  I would love to do yoga all day and help people get their poses right.  Technically, this might apply to different kinds of exercise because I love sharing my ideas with people and motivating people to do their best.  Speaking of relaxing, wouldn't this just be the best way to work but be relaxed?  Love it.

3. Meg-Cabot-esque Author - I love Meg Cabot's energy, I love her books, I love her fun attitude about life.  If I could write a book, I think it would turn out like one of the The Princess Diaries or All-American Girl.  If I could go on a book tour or to book signings, I would so dress up and hope to be all-around cute like Meg Cabot.  I would love to stay home and write books...and then still be a mom when my kids get home from daycare/school.  I would Tweet my fans and go to pajama-party-book-releases.  It would be grand.  

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