Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Bit of Me(me) 2/19/11

It's time again for A Bit of Me(me) hosted by Danielle over at There's a Book!

This week's question:
What super-power would you most like to have and why?

Growing up, I remember watching a show called Out of This World.  It's about a girl whose dad is an alien.  Because she is half-alien she happens to get some exciting super-powers.  Here was my favorite super-power.  She would take her index fingers and slowly put the tips of her index fingers together...and when she did this, time would stand still!  She would freeze time and then if she wanted to unfreeze someone, she could go over to them and unfreeze him or her.  Tell me this would not be an unbelievably useful super-power???  Freeze time and I could get all my housework done AND get a nap in so I could then unfreeze time and hang out with my family.  Or, freeze the world and unfreeze my family so we could relax for a while and then go back to real life.  Awesomeness.

For my alternate super-power, I would love to be able to teleport.  I want something like an easy button from Staples that I can press and zap myself to where I need to be.  I don't even want to think about calculating how much time I spend in my car on a daily basis, but if I could simply disappear and reappear without all the driving time in between that would be great.  Plus, it's good for the environment!  The only downside would be that I'd lose all my time to listen to my audiobooks...but with my time-freezing powers I could just freeze time to read like crazy, and then un-freeze time after I get caught up with my TBR pile.  Can you imagine being caught up with your TBR pile!?!?

Those are my dream super-powers...I actually think the teleportation deal is plausible.  I like to pretend out there somewhere in this big, wonderful world a scientist is pouring all of his or her energy into accomplishing this.  I can dream, right?

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