Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Is Here Again!

Believe it or not, the last time I participated in Bloggiesta I was 4 weeks away from delivering the little Bird!  Crazy.  At that point it was imperative that I get posts ready to go while I was busy having the baby and bringing him home.  Now he's already 6 months old!  It'll take lots of help from my hubby to get my Bloggiesta schwerve on this weekend, but it's definitely happening!
I created a nice, healthy list of things I'm planning to get accomplished this Bloggiesta-filled weekend!  Here goes:
1. Create a list of goals for Bloggiesta.
2. Log the hours I put into the blog for Bloggiesta: _____9 hours!___. Hmm...I kind of lost track after that...
3. Update my 2010 book list page.
4. Create/start my 2011 book list page.
5. Update my "Labels" page.
6. Add a Goodreads widget...I hope this is even possible...
7. Figure out how to post my vlog I created yesterday
...I might have to split it and post because it didn't want to upload yesterday...might be too long?
8. Update my links to blogs I like.
9. Write AND SEND e-mails to those publishers I added to my list 
from last time that I wanted to contact for books to review. (This still makes me nervous...)
10. Read the graphic novels I checked out from the library - 3/4 completed.
*The two I read are absolutely perfect for a post...excited!
11. Schedule posts for January - 3/3 completed.
12. Schedule posts for February - 1/8 completed.
13. Choose a challenge to commit to for 2011. 3 actually!
14. Upload the audiobooks I just got (3/3 uploaded).
15. Check out what others are doing for Bloggiesta.
16. Get books from library by Tim Green, Kathryn Lasky, Mark Teague, and "Weird" Al Yankovic (who I'll get to see at Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast in February!)  
Didn't get to the library this weekend...Monday PM for sure!
I did make a list so I know where I'm going at the library! "Weird" Al's picture book doesn't come out until February 1st!

17. Add myself to blog directories.
18. Create a favicon. I did it!  Thanks to my Twitter friend and my friend Marc!
19. Create a gravatar.
20. Analyze/Grade my blog - not bad!
21. Read about organizing any reviews of books - entered dates on iCal.
22. Joined a meme...not sure this is really a mini-challenge, but I did it!

Whew!  I'm tired just looking at this list!  Can I do it?  I'm not sure there are enough minutes 
in the next few days, but I'm gonna try my best!  Hard is necessary!


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