Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Watch Out, World - Rosy Cole Is Going Green!

Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole is Going GreenTitle: Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole is Going Green     
Author: Sheila Greenwald     
Publisher: D&M Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date: 2010   
Genre/Format: Fiction/Novel-Chapter Book  
Summary: Rosy Cole's class is raising money for her school.  She's excited when her teacher chooses her to lead a team project called "Nature's Gifts".  Her idea is to collect things from nature that she and her friends can decorate and sell...but her imagination gets a little crazy and soon there are critters everywhere!  
What I Think:  Rosy Cole is new to me, but she is very fun!  I'm still finding series like Rosy Cole, Ivy + Bean, Just Grace, and Clementine.  I love the idea of kids using the imagination and making a difference.  Rosy gets a little carried away, but she does learn about helping the environment.  I love the part about the worms.  I've heard of how worms can eat your scraps and make killer fertilizer.  I'd love to do it myself someday...when I have a nice backyard with room for a great garden.  At the back of the book it even talks all about how to create your own worm farm.  It would be a great class project if you're brave enough to have worms!!! 
Read Together: 2 - 4 
Read Alone: 3 - 6 
Read With: Just Grace Goes Green by Charise Mericle Harper; Clementine by Sara Pennypacker; Ivy & Bean by Annie Barrows; Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-Up by Melissa Thomson;  
Snatch of Text:  "It was finally the day of Miss Read's School Fall Fair.  My team had just finished setting up our booth when Mrs. Oliphant, our teacher, told us to take it down.
     'Immediately.' she said.  'Before the headmistress arrives.'  She looked nervously toward the door of the gym for Headmistress Craft.
     'But you gave your approval,' I said, trying to stay calm.  'We worked so hard to put it together.'
     'And now please take it apart.  I'm sorry.  How on earth did all this happen?'
     Had she forgotten so soon?  It was only a month ago that I dreamt up the best idea of my entire life..."  (p. 3-4)
Reading Strategies to Practice: Activating Background Knowledge, Making Connections, Asking Questions, Making Predictions  
Writing Strategies to Practice: Personal Narrative, Persuasive, Descriptive 
Writing Prompts: Write about a school project that you were a part of and how you worked together as a team.  Write a letter to persuade your parents to let you have your own worm farm.  Describe Rosy's drawer of worms using all the five sense.  
Topics Covered: Teamwork, Science, Environment, Friendship, Imagination, Ideas, Motivation
Translated to Spanish: No

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