Sunday, April 12, 2020

Introducing Exploring Inspiration

I'm thrilled to announce a fun new opportunity from Story Exploratory!

When it comes to being a writer, I believe it's important to start to recognize stories all around you. Writers explore the world and learn from others. That's what mentor texts are all about. 

In Story Exploratory workshops I share lots of ideas and resources and usually others share things as well, like podcasts and books and quotes they appreciate. I love getting so many amazing recommendations and talking to other writers about things that inspire us so I'm launching Exploring Inspiration which is all about talking with some awesome people and sharing all our favorite, inspiring stuff.

You're here because you love books and reading and writing so I know you've got some favorite resources to share. I'd love to chat with you about what's inspiring you right now. Click here to sign up. 

Here's what I'm inspired by today:

Syllabus by Lynda Barry

Why I love it: This book shares her exploration of how we share ideas. It's full of her illustrations and notes and there is so much to take in on every page. She makes me think and helps me rethink what school looks like and I so appreciate how she leads the way in showing us how to break the mold.

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