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3 Things I Know to Be True #exploringidentity

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What you value and what you believe are important when it comes to knowing yourself but a few weeks ago, my friend asked me to name three things I absolutely know to be true. I shared those three things in my last Exploring Identity post, 31 Things About Me: Jen Vincent but now I'd like to expand upon them.

I absolutely know that I love myself. It's taken me a long time to get here but blogging about identity in 2015 helped me feel more whole. Writing about my life, people, places, and experiences that shaped me allowed me to better understand my unique experience with life and to appreciate my Latinx heritage. People, places, and things will come and go in my life but I love myself no matter what.

I absolutely know that stories make the world a better place. Telling my stories helped me grow to love myself. And in loving myself, I am better able to participate in the world. As a mom, writer, and educator, I'm better because I know my story, I appreciate my story, and I share my story with others. I started Story Exploratory because I know the power of story firsthand and I truly believe if we all owned our stories, shared our stories, learned from each other, and celebrated our stories, the world would be a better place.

I absolutely know that things change. In June, I went on an excursion in Guatemala with my cousin Edgar through his agency, K'Ashem. We camped at Laguna Lachuá and swam in its brilliant turquoise water. 

When it was time to leave, I packed up my tent and my gear and went to sit by the water. Everyone else did the opposite, they swam as long as they could before they had to pack up, so I had the lake all to myself. It was serene. The water was clear and still and absolutely beautiful. (Here's a picture, that's me sitting in the hut.)

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Soon Edgar came to tell me it was time to go. 

"No quiero ir," I told him as I wiped the tears streaming down my face. 

He laughed and reminded me that even good things come to an end and that's what's beautiful about life, it's always changing.

It was hard to say goodbye to that moment but now I carry my cousin's words with me and work to cherish every moment because inevitably things change, whether I want them to or not.

Naming three things I know to be true made me think about people, places, and experiences I've had and how they have shaped me. This is a great activity to explore for yourself and/or to discuss with students.

So tell me...what three things do you absolutely know to be true?

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