Tuesday, April 30, 2019

My Journey with Project Enye Dream Accelerator

In the fall, my friend Stella posted about hosting a screening of a documentary called Being Enye. It caught my eye right away because it's all about growing up as first generation here in the United States when your parents are from a Spanish speaking country. My mom grew up in Guatemala and I was born here in the United States which makes me an Enye. I followed Project Enye right away on Instagram and was instantly connected to the woman who made the film, Denise Soler Cox.

Not long after this happened, I saw that Denise was inviting people to be part of the beta version of her coaching program. She mentioned in her stories that anyone interested would get one-hour phone call with her whether you signed up for the coaching program or not. I decided to give it a shot. After Danielle shut down her agency, I queried a YA novel and a picture book and was feeling very stuck in a rut.

The phone call with Denise was awesome. She was so easy to talk to and she wanted to hear all about my writing and why I thought I would want to work with her. By the end of the call I knew I wanted to work with her. In my publishing journey, I've truly missed being able to work with people of color and the fact that Denise is Latina made me feel seen.

The coaching program started in November and it was during this first cohort of the Project Enye Dream Accelerator that I remembered my dream of starting a fun and funky writing space called Story Exploratory. Thanks to the coaching  program, I was able to get Story Exploratory up and running and I can call myself a small business owner now.

Denise recently launched a podcast called The Self-Ish Latina and in her third episode, she shares a visit with Gary Vaynerchuk from Vayner Media. I started following Gary on Instagram and love learning from him. He's always super honest and talks about the importance of being honest.

Well, last week, I got to hear Gary speak in person and it was so fun. He was part of a day-long event that also included Tony Robbins. Tony was as high energy as I had hoped and I left rejuvenated.
Me and Gary. :)
Gary on stage speaking.

Since November, I learned so much about stretching past my upper limits and have had a blast hosting Story Exploratory workshops. They helped me get my energy flowing again and brought me to a place where I can write again. I'm slowly started working on my writing again and am so excited to have time to truly dig in this summer.

One of the coolest things about being on this journey with Story Exploratory is that I've gotten closer to one of our friends. Billy the Baker was the Best Man in our wedding. We met in college when he worked with Chad as a manager for the NIU football team. Billy is passionate about making cakes and will be going to culinary school as he launches his own business called Billy the Baker. I helped him work on his super sharp website and we went to the Tony Robbins event together.
Billy and me.
I'll write more about how life changing the Project Enye Dream Accelerator coaching program has been but for now I wanted to share a brief overview of where it has taken me. I never would have dreamed that Billy and I would be at an event like this listening to business people like Gary Vee and Tony Robbins but there we were and it was pretty awesome. 

This month, the Story Exploratory workshop is about staying close to your true north and using it to guide you. I'm super excited to talk about my journey with Story Exploratory and the power of following your heart and your dreams because you never know where it will take you. I can't wait!

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