Thursday, February 28, 2019

Reflection Is Key

In 5th grade, I wrote in a journal back and forth to my teacher Ms. Corn. (Read my story about Ms. Corn here.) In high school, I had to write a reflection letter for each of the pieces I added to my writing portfolio. In college and when I started teaching and worked on my Master's degree, I was often asked to reflect. 

Besides reflecting when I was asked to by teachers or as part of my work, I have always kept a journal. When I was really little, it was a diary and then it became more of a journal. Rereading them now, I mostly wrote to process everything that was happening in my life...which is why I mostly wrote when I was frustrated. But the cool thing is, I wrote. 

So I'm not sure how it came about, whether it's part of me or I learned how awesome it is, but I'm now a reflective person. I truly believe being reflective is important to life. How else can we continually grow if we don't stop, get honest with ourselves, and think about how to move forward?

Last week, my friend Katherine interviewed me for Writing Wednesday on her blog Read, Write, Reflect. Pausing to answer her questions got me reflecting (because it's in her blog name!) and thinking about how important it is to pause and take stock from time to time. It also made me realize how writing can help us reflect. I'm going to be thinking about reflection and how to encourage it in my own kids and also thinking about how reflection might come up in conversations at school. 

I hope you check out Katherine's blog where she shares about her life as a teacher, reading, writing, and life in general. She's a great friend and a wonderful person and I love that she makes me think!

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  1. I did an activity with my PE classes and found that those who journaled about their physical activities did better and made more progress.

    I'd like to invite you to join me in a reading challenge to read your own books. Check out the details at my blog: 'My Own Books' Reading Challenge


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