Sunday, June 4, 2017

So Excited for Teachers Write 2017!

Last night I took our dog Perdi to the dog park and then we made a trip to Starbucks so I could write. Since I had her with me, we didn't last very long but even twenty minutes was enough for me to get some words down on paper and to feel like I accomplished something. 
So much about writing is sitting down to write and celebrating every baby step throughout the process. The truth is, you'll only write if you take the time to do it. And you'll only get better if you take the time to do it. Over time, all those twenty minutes add up to so much more. 
When I think back over the past five summers with Teachers Write, I think of all the times I sat down with my notebook or with my laptop and how many words I've written. None of those words would exist if I hadn't made the time to write. I'm so thankful for Kate, Gae, and Jo and for everyone who has joined Teachers Write as a guest or as a participant. Being part of a community of writers helps me sit down and write. Being part of a community of writers helps me celebrate those baby steps through the process. 

I hope you'll join us this summer for Teachers Write 
from July 10th through August 4th.

Four weeks of pure awesomeness!

If you want to learn more about Teachers Write, you can visit Kate's blog post that will tell you all about it. And you can sign up here. I really hope you'll join us. It's all online and you can make Teachers Write your own. Maybe you want to sign up with a friend, maybe you want to check in on weekends, maybe you want to visit everyday, maybe you want to just read and follow along, maybe you want to join in and share your experience. We're happy for you to do whatever works for you. 

While Teachers Write has impacted me greatly as a's really all about teachers writing so we can better support our students as writers. Last fall, Kate, Jo, some other author friends, and I shared the power of being part of a writing community like Teachers Write at the NCTE conference. We wrote a collaborative poem about what we wish for our students and what we want for our words. You can read the poem here. It's beautiful and if I haven't convinced you to join us yet, I think the poem will. 

Do it for yourself. 
Do it for your students. 

You are worth it. 
They are worth it. 

If you have any questions or want to talk about Teachers Write, 
email me at jen {at} teachmentortexts {dot} com.

Oh, and please invite your friends to join us too!

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