Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Last week, I had to spend an hour in the car driving to visit a school. They're doing something called blended learning and a small group of us were going to see what it looks like in action. 

Knowing I would be in the car for an hour, I looked up some podcasts. I had a This Creative Life episode waiting for me and also an episode from Dear Hank & John. I listened to both and then I also listened to a couple of episodes from I Should Be Writing.

I used to drive at least 45 minutes both way but now I barely have a 5 minute drive so I don't listen to audiobooks like I used to but I decided I really like podcasts so I started looking for others I might like. 

Well, I found Happier with Gretchen Rubin and I'm in love! I've listened to almost 20 episodes now. I love that they are short (about 20 minutes) and they have good ideas to share about life and building better habits. I've been telling all my friends about it so I wanted to share here and tell you!
I'm so curious! Do you listen to podcasts? I know a ton of people do...and if you are one of them, I'd love to hear which podcasts you love most and why. Thanks for sharing!


  1. That sounds like a great podcast. I am new to podcasts, but I LOVE the Good Life Project! I think you'll like it too!

  2. I am a total podcast addict! It all started of course with Serial, but now my listening focus is primarily around teaching, specifically children’s books. My top 2 are All The Wonders with Matthew Winner, and Books Between with Corrina Allen. All The Wonders posts weekly podcasts featuring authors, illustrators, award winners, new authors & illustrators, and everything in between. Books Between focuses on middle grade books. I love Corrina’s format of her bi-weekly shows; she starts with a segment on a specific topic around reading, then she gives booktalks on 3 current books, and then finishes with a short Q&A. The Yarn, Picturebooking, and The Best Book Ever (This Week) are also on my podcast list.

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