Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week #6 - Teachers Write Sunday Check-In 2016

Srsly? Where did the summer go!?! 
I'm sad to say that Teachers Write has come to an end. 

I would love to give a HUGE shout-out to the amazing Kate Messner, Jo Knowles, Gae Polisner and all the other incredible authors and book world people who were part of Teachers Write this summer. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have that satisfied feeling, 
like we just did something really great. 

I have that warm and fuzzy feeling, 
like we were just part of something special. 
But I also have that sad-face feeling, 
like it all went too too fast and now it's over. 

So basically, this:

No matter how you participate in Teachers Write this summer, I wholeheartedly believe you made the most of it based on what was right for you this summer. Isn't that the beauty of Teachers Write? Don't forget, you can always access any of the blog posts from this summer and previous summers. And the #teacherswrite hashtag is always there for you too. 

My final Sunday Check-In this week is meant to encourage you to keep on writing. Write, write, write. Write what you are. Write what moves you. Write what is real and raw. Write what you devour. Write what begs to be written. Whatever you do: write. Until next time...

 Rock on, writers!

My Teachers Write Recap:

This week I tightened up the query for the novel I've been revising this summer. I also put in a lot of time on final revisions this week to be ready to enter Pitch Wars. I was thrilled to be selected for Pitch Wars in 2014 and it was such an amazing experience that I thought I would enter again. I figure it can't hurt. Either I get in or I don't but no matter what my writing life will go on. Do I totally hope I get in, of course! So I went for it. Now I just have to wait and see what happens. If you aren't familiar with Brenda Drake and the different contest she offers, I definitely recommend following her on Twitter and checking out her blog. Did you maybe enter Pitch Wars too?!? If so, let me know so we can bite our nails together as we wait!

Overall, this was another summer of Teachers Write awesome for me. Thank you so much for stopping in to share your story with me - whether you were here every week or one week, I'm sending out virtual hugs. You are brave and you are awesome. I applaud you!

A reminder of my rules for Teachers Write Sunday Check-Ins:
1. We respect each other and the type of writing we do.
2. We only offer constructive criticism.
3. We are positive and encourage each other at all times.
4. We recognize and maintain this as a safe environment.

Today, in the comments:
How did you do this week? Did you meet your weekly goal(s)?
What was the pit of your week? (The hardest part, the not-so-fun part?)
What was the peak of your week? (The best part, the most-totally-fun part?)

What are your plans to write write write now?
P. S. Thank you for replying to each other's comments! 
While I read them all and do my best to reply and 
reply as soon as possible it doesn't always happen.
I so appreciate you cheering each other on through Teachers Write! You r-o-c-k!

Psst! Yes, you! One more thing...
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