Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pirasaurs Are Taking Over!

I may have stolen borrowed Pirasaurs from Josh Funk at nErDcamp...

 And now they're taking over the blog today 
because they have something very important to say!

We’re Pirasaurs! We’re Pirasaurs!
We grunt and roar and sneer!
We’ll steal your books with tails and hooks
And own the blogosphere!
We’re Pirasaurs! We’re Pirasaurs!
We post a giant threat!
We’ll slash and duel and soon we’ll rule
The world-wide internet!
We’re Pirasaurs! We’re Pirasaurs!
Our story is fantastic!
This grand hardback by Funk & Slack
Is published by Scholastic!

… and available August 30th wherever books are sold!

Take it from me, you'll want pre-order this one.
And they didn't make me say that!

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