Saturday, June 4, 2016

JOIN: Barefoot Water Skiers and An Acrobatic Dog

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Oh, what a blissful week I've had! 

On Monday, we drove up north a bit to Wisconsin Dells for a few days.

We ate blue moon ice cream and took a ferry across a river, 
we climbed thousands of stairs to go down wild water slides, 
we bought the most random junk - like handcuffs and hematite necklaces, 
we cheered for barefoot water skiers and an acrobatic dog, 
we chuckled at bad, punny jokes from the duck driver,
and it was awesome.

On Thursday, we came home for a few days.

We slept in,
we played Guess Who? and did puzzles at the library,
we were super excited to hit the pool,
but it was closed,
so we braved the cold water at the beach,
we almost bought a bearded dragon (a lizard!), 
but I put my foot down,
so we just bought lots of treats for Perdi 
(the puppy we already have - a puppy!),
we roamed around the dog park,
we drove miles and miles to buy venus fly traps,
we took orders and served Play-Doh food,
we smiled toothy grins for family pictures,
and it was awesome.

And now it's Saturday and I'm exhausted and I've barely blogged all week! I love to write but I also love to play with my kids and go on adventures and squeal down water slides. Which means I'm (still) figuring out how to write and have al the other fun too.

But as I sit and look back at this really and truly was so so awesome. Wisconsin Dells is fascinating. It's a tourist trap to the extreme. It's gorgeous and full of history with the most unique attractions piled on top of it all. And then coming home from being away reminded me of how good it feels to be home. 

Even though I haven't written much this week, I have so many memories and ideas tucked away that I know will come into my writing at some point. More importantly, I saw people living their passions - like the barefoot water skiers and the acrobatic dog - and watched my own kids explored their passions - like when Peanut was so focused on getting a venus fly trap - and they reminded me that writing is my passion. And that's something to celebrate!

Have you noticed someone living their passion recently?
I would love to hear about it! Please share in the comments.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love this! So glad you were able to make wonderful memories with your family this week. Here's to more blissful weeks of summer!

    1. Hi Ramona! Thanks! Yes, we had so much fun, it was jam-packed! I'm still recovering but it's a fun, relaxed, good kind of exhausted. I'm so excited to see what the rest of the summer brings us. :)

  2. What a fun time! I am struggling with making time to write lately -- and I want to do better this summer. .. I have the same question you have... how to do that and get in good time with my kids (and set up my classroom, and read all the books I want to read...oh and exercise! and take care of our puppy...)

    1. Balancing it all is definitely not easy! I was just talking to someone else about this and I'm not shy about telling people my house is not spotless by any means...there is usually to be done...or to be folded...or to be put away. Some things do have to give. I will say that the puppy really puts a wrench into things! But she's so sweet and I love her and she's helping me get out for long walks when I try and think about my writing at least. In the end, it's about prioritizing - which I'm sure you know - but it's also about saying no to things that take away from what truly makes your heart sing. Keep at it! Everything ebbs and flows!

  3. Living your passion is the right thing to do in life, Jennifer and the other is spending special time with your family.

    1. I'm doing pretty good then! I'm super lucky and remind myself to be thankful everyday. :)


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