Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The One With The 2015 Park Challenge #sol15

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Two years ago, my husband suggested a park challenge where we try and visit a different park every day all summer. This year we decided it was time to bring back the park challenge. We've decided to start July 1st and see if we can get to September 1st. One park everyday, no repeats.
When I told a colleague about the park challenge, he asked if there would be enough parks to last two months without duplicating. Lucky for us, living outside of Chicago, there are! Our main goal is to get our kids moving and make it fun for all of us. But then I had an idea.

What if we could get other families excited about movement and play by sharing the park challenge? So we've started charting out parks, remembering our favorites, and inviting friends to join us throughout the month. We'll share all the fun we have and rate the parks so others can see just how awesome play can be. We're hoping to take lots of pictures, make a few movies, and get our kids talking about what they love about the different parks we visit. I'll share posts here on Tuesdays with updates on our adventure but will also be using the #parkchallenge hashtag on Twitter and Instagram if you want to follow along or join in. Even if you don't do the daily challenge, we would love to see where you play and hear what you love about it. 

I'm really looking forward to this! I love seeing my kids explore and have fun and this is such a great way to get us out and moving and trying new things. I can't wait!

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