Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The One With a Farewell to 2014 #slice2014

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Another year has come and gone. Time flies when you're having fun, right? 

In 2013, my one little word was "simplify". Then this year, in 2014, my one little word was "patience". It was long into 2014 that I wondered if by choosing the word "patience", the universe threw all sorts of experiences and situations at me that encouraged me to learn to practice patience. Maybe that's the case or maybe I was just more aware of needing to be patient. Either way, this year was a jam-packed, fun-filled, non-stop type of year. Looking back at this year, I feel like I've learned so much about myself, about others, about life. Just so much. I don't know where to even start to reflect and I'm actually feeling like it might be better off to look ahead instead of delving too much into reliving the ups and downs of 2014. Yup, I think looking ahead is a great idea.

So I've been thinking about my one little word for 2015 for a couple of weeks now. I honestly thought my 2015 word might be "risk" because there are a few things in my little brain that I'd like to dive into this year BUT more recently the word "grace" has resonated with me. 
The word "grace" first of all makes me think of being gracious and grateful and appreciative. That's the meaning that stands out to me most. I would like to make 2015 a year of truly appreciating everyone and everything I have in my life. More than being thankful though, it reminds me to be humble and accept things with grace. Keeping this at the forefront of my thoughts and actions is super important to me. Otherwise, "grace" makes me think of being graceful in two different ways. One is to take time to make thoughtful and meaningful decisions - which I'm not always very good at. The other is to be graceful like a dancer and I'm not sure how that will fit into my life in 2015...but I'm always up for some good dancing!

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