Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The One Where I Can't Stop, Won't Stop Moving 8/19/14

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Yesterday afternoon, as I scrolled through Twitter, I spotted these tweets from Lisa Schroeder.
First of all, I love Lisa Schroeder...and then here she is telling me about Taylor Swift and a new song. I was so excited. I immediately clicked over to a new tab and checked out Taylor's livestream of her new album announcement. Talk about super fun. I've always enjoyed Taylor Swift's lyrics and her music. This song does not disappoint and sends a great message. 

But this is more about Taylor Swift's new song. Last night, after I discovered this new T Swift song, I probably played it over and over again at least ten times. I love music. New songs usually catch my ear and all I want to do is listen to them over and over again until I know all the words. I particularly love music that makes me want to dance...which is most music, but there are definitely some songs that I hear and know I can't sit still any longer, I just have to dance. There's something great about not worrying about what people think or if you're good at it. The important thing is to have fun. 

When I think about this time of year and teachers and students heading back to school, I think a lot about setting up classrooms and getting to know each other, making new friends and hopefully becoming better friends with some. Growing up is fun but along the way we have so many experiences that contribute to who we are. I hope everyone has a great school year and maybe you have some time to infuse some music in along the way. Back to school is fun but can be stressful at times and maybe taking a few minutes to shake it off and dance your heart out would be a good idea to release some of that stress and celebrate a new beginning. And if you need a dance partner, let me know!

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