Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The One With NerdCamp 2.0! #slice2014

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Over the weekend, I was in Boston and on Friday I spent time in Copley Square where we were for NCTE in November. It was fun to ride the T and remember when I led Colby, Ruth, and Deb on an adventure just trying to get to the hotel. I remembered presenting with Kellee, Beth, Audrey, Kate, Gae, Jo and Brian. I remembered the Nerdy party in the hotel at the Sheraton, the Nerdy run around to the Public Garden, dinner out with friends, and all the other great sessions at NCTE. It was all amazing and it made me long for my Nerdy friends...but I wasn't too sad because Nerd Camp is coming!
NerdCamp is only 19 days away! Are you signed up? I love everything about unconferences but am so excited for Nerdcamp this year. I'm leading a session during day one, running in the Nerdy 5k, planning to learn like crazy during day two and then send Peanut off to NerdCamp Jr. I'm so excited I can get my Nerdy fix again so soon!

Check out the NerdCamp blog!
Sign up for Nerd Camp 2.0!
Read about Day 1 sessions below.
Sign up for the Nerd-Run 5k. 

Are you coming? And if you aren't, I hope you can follow along on Twitter.What about hosting your own Nerdcamp or Edcamp experience? Let me know if you want advice or support!

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