Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The One With Giant Chess and Beanbag Pillows! #slice2014

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Last week, I picked up the kiddos from school/daycare and we visited a new-to-us library two towns over. We've visited many of the libraries in our area but this one was hidden and I didn't even realize it was there until recently. It's a gem! I'm so glad we stopped in and I have a feeling we'll be visiting again. They had lots of great activities for the kiddos. 

My mom taught Peanut how to play Chess and he has been wanting to teach me (I know how to play...I just forget which piece can move which way...and I have zero understanding of the strategy to it all...). We discovered this giant Chess set right away but Little Bean was moving the pieces all over the place so we didn't last long here.
Instead we found a nook where Little Bean could play on this computer. It was neat because he could use the mouse but the screen was also a touch screen. He did pretty good with the mouse for a while but when he realized it was a touch screen, he was much more comfortable with that.
Peanut and I played Uno while Little Bean was on the computer. The space had a bunch of fatboys, which are fancy beanbag pillows that Peanut loved jumping on. They also had this great white board with magnetic poetry words. They also had a felt board with different shaped blocks that velcro-ed to the wall. There was one more area we didn't even explore but it was almost dinner time. 
I loved seeing what they had to offer to kids at this new library. What do you love about the kids' section of your local library? We usually find ourselves with all the puzzles and snuggling in to read under a tree in the corner of our library. If you have something special you love about your library, please share!

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