Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wise Decor Decal Review and GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm thrilled to be sharing a lovely company called Wise Decor that specializes in personalized wall decals. When Katie from Wise Decor e-mailed me, she shared how many teachers were requesting decals of words of inspiration or even shared classroom expectations to post on their walls. I immediately thought of some of my favorite quotes and how excited I would be to win a giveaway of a personalized decal from Wise Decor.
I chose one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes about dreams because the focus in my district is on converting dreams into realities and because I adore Walt Disney. I wanted a large decal that would fill the space above my desk. Once I knew what quote I wanted and the dimensions of my space, I went onto the Wise Decor website and chose the font that I wanted. I was able to use the "Create Your Lettering Now" space on their website to type in the words and to see what the different fonts look like and what different colors look like. It was really fun to play around and imagine exactly what I wanted for my space. When I was ready, Katie helped me place my order. Once the package arrived, I was eager to get my decal up! 

I think this sharing how I applied the decal is best told in pictures! I had some coaching as I was putting this up to make sure I followed the directions and got things centered and level. My friends also took some great pictures of the process. I think it turned out great!

The blank space:

A close-up of the blank space:

Since I chose a large decal, it took up most of the space and was easy to center. I used the top of the ceiling as a guide to know how high to put the left and right side. This was probably the trickiest part because the decal was so big and it was sticky. I knew that if I accidentally got it stuck to the wall that it would be hard to get it off. If you have a helper, this would be a great time to use him or her. 

It's a little bit hard to see but if you look closely at my right hand, I'm holding a hand-held spatula-type device. I used this to rub the decal onto the wall. I was rubbing pretty hard but it went fast and when it was time to peel off the backing, it came off with no problems.

The reveal:

It was really exciting to see how sharp my decal looked. 

Finishing touches:

Ta da!

From far away:

And closer up:

I'm so happy with my decal and love walking into my office and knowing that even though I'm not working directly with students, I'm supporting teachers so that they can feel able to best help students achieve their dreams. It's pretty awesome when I think about it and Walt Disney's words definitely remind me of just how awesome it is. And now it's your turn! Enter the following rafflecopter for your chance to win a personalized wall decal from Wise Decor

If you win, do you have any inspirational quotes or favorite phrases from books that come to mind as possibilities for your decal? Please share your favorite quotes in the comments! I would love to hear them! Here are some of my favorite quotes that I think would make great decals:

“You can't have brave without scared.” 
― Linda UrbanHound Dog True

“On a day like today,
there's no friend like a book.” 
― Laura Purdie SalasBookSpeak!: Poems about Books

“Kinder than is necessary. 
Because it's not enough to be kind. 
One should be kinder than needed.” 
― R.J. PalacioWonder


― R.J. PalacioWonder

“If everyone started off the day singing, 
just think how happy they'd be.” 
― Lauren MyracleShine

“We all mess up. 
It's what we learn from our mistakes that matters.” 
― Lauren MyracleShine

“Becoming is better than being” 
― Carol S. DweckMindset: The New Psychology of Success
“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

“You are so busy being YOU 
that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

Good luck!

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