Monday, May 16, 2011

Deep in the Swamp

Deep in the SwampTitle: Deep in the Swamp     
Author: Donna M. Bateman   
Illustrator: Brian Lies
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: 2007
Genre/Format: Non-Fiction/Picture Book   
Summary: Learn about the animals that live in the Okefenokee Swamp through Bateman’s sing-song text and Lies’ colorful artwork.
What I Think: As I read the first page of this book, I was instantly reminded of Raffi’s song "Over In The Meadow".  I have fond, fond memories of Raffi from my childhood so I was excited to read (or sing, rather) through this book.
      Bateman incorporates various wildlife into her book as each page focuses on a different animal living in the swamp.  I love the illustrations and think this would be great to use in a preschool classroom.  This book could be used for elementary students as well, though, because at the back of the book she gives facts about the swamp and the animals that are highlighted throughout the book. 
Read Together: Pre-K - 5
Read Alone: Pre-K - 5   
Read With: I don't know any other swamp books - but I would definitely get some other non-fiction books about the swamp or the animals in this book. As a counting book, it could be read with:   
Snatch of Text: 
“Deep in the swamp, where the neverwets grew,
Lived a mother snapping turtle and her little turtles Two.
‘Swim!’ said the mother. ‘We swim,’ said the Two.
So they swam through the prairies where the neverwets grew.”
Reading Strategies to Practice: Using Non-Fiction Text Features, Activating Background Knowledge, Asking Questions 
Writing Strategies to Practice: Expository, Persuasive
Writing Prompts: Write a paragraph/essay about animals that live in the swamp.  Write a paragraph about the swamp habitat.  Write a letter to persuade someone to protect the swamps or an animal that lives in a swamp. 
Topics Covered: Integration - Science - Swamps/Animals, Integration - Math/Counting, Integration - Music, Rhyme
Translated to Spanish: No

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