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One Voice, Please

One Voice, PleaseTitle: One Voice, Please     
Author: Sam McBratney
Illustrator: Russell Ayto  
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication Date: 2005   
Genre/Format: Folk Literature/Short Stories 
Summary: This book is a collection of short stories retold by Sam McBratney.  I recognized many of them, like "The Soup Stone", "The Golden Touch", and "The Lion and the Mouse".     
What I Think: I really like that these stories aren't told through picture books.  I love the messages that these stories tell and that they will make students think.  I already have a few of these in mind to use for students to respond to as extended response exercises.  A majority of the time, I work with students in a pull-out/resource setting and I think these short stories are great for a quick read and discussion.  They would be great in a classroom, too, as a read aloud when you have some extra time.   
"Daydreaming" is one of my favorites.  It's less than two pages long and about a man who makes a great pot.  On his way to sell it, he stops at a bridge to daydream about all the money he is going to get for it and what he's going to do with all that money...only to start up again and accidentally tip the pot over the bridge!  Oops...
"Many Littles Make A Lot" is another great story when it comes to thinking closely about what you are doing.  The King doesn't listen when a trusted advisor tells him his small gambling losses will add up.  This advisor gets smart and is able to trick the king because of his mindset.  I have a student who excels in math and I think this story is right up his alley!
Read Together: 5 - 12
Read Alone: 6 - 12  
Read With: Folk Literature or other short stories  
Snatch of Text:  "Once there was a king who played games of dice with the noblemen of his court.  And when he lost - which he often did - he paid off his debts by giving away parts of his kingdom: a timber wood, perhaps, or a copper mine, or a salmon river far away.  The king insisted that he never lost very much, but one of his most honest advisers thought otherwise.  the man's name was Pasha, and he often warned the king about gambling.
     'But I only lose a little now and then, Pasha.'
     'Many littles make a lot,' Pasha would say, frowning when the dice appeared once again." p. 22-23)
Reading Strategies to Practice: Activating Background Knowledge, Making Connections, Identifying Story Elements (Folk Literature), Predicting, Making Inferences - Character Traits
Writing Strategies to Practice: Personal Narrative, Folk Literature
Writing Prompts: Write about a time when you didn't think things through and things didn't end up going your way.  Use the stories in this book as a model to write your own story where a character benefits from someone else's character flaw.   
Topics Covered: Patience, Honesty, Loyalty, Wisdom, Thinking Things Through, Taking Risks, Morals, Trust, Character Flaws, Character Traits, Consequences  
Translated to Spanish: No

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