Friday, July 16, 2010

Unwrapping the Read Aloud: Making Every Read Aloud Intentional and Instructional

Unwrapping the Read Aloud: Making Every Read Aloud Intentional and Instructional (Theory and Practice in Action)Title: Unwrapping the Read Aloud: Making Every Read Aloud Intentional and Instructional (Theory and Practice in Action)
Author: Lester L. Laminack  
Publication Date: 2009  
Genre/Format: Non-Fiction/Professional Book and DVD 
Summary: Laminack takes a close look at the benefit of reading to kids and how to prepare for reading a book by identifying your purpose for reading and using the hints in the text to understand how it should be read.  He relates reading aloud to playing music because you have to pay attention to how the words and the layout are guiding you as a reader.   
What I Think: I find myself learning so much now that I have my own little Peanut to read to.  It has opened my eyes as an educator, especially when it comes to reading to him.  I just assumed everyone knew how to read a book aloud to a child.  It never occurred to me that it doesn't come naturally to everyone.  (I say this to demonstrate my naiveness not to fault people for not having the knack to read aloud as others might.)  I've heard people read to Peanut and thought, "Wow, he's not really reading with much's like he just wants to get through the book..."  And I've heard people read books like Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner that has such colorful language that it sounds choppy if it's read for the first time out loud.  Both of these experiences made it clear to me that is important to preview a book and plan how to read it ahead of time.  That is exactly what this book talks about!  Gotta love it!  
Read With: Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever by Mem Fox; Cracking Open the Author's Craft: Teaching the Art of Writing (Theory and Practice in Action) by Lester Laminack
Snatch of Text: "When we read aloud to inspire, our expectations or students are simple and direct.  We want nothing more than to pique their interest, to spark their desire, to entice them to read.  Our ultimate goal is that they fall in love with language and books, that they lust after language and books and reading as they will later lust after driving.  Therefore, any intentional read aloud designed to inspire would not ask students to answer a set of questions, give a retelling, unpack meaning, host a conversation, define vocabulary, write a character sketch, compare or contrast anything.  None of that would follow a read aloud to inspire our students." p. 25-26 
Topics Covered: Book Talks, Just-Right Books, Genres, Authors, Integration
Translated to Spanish: No

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  1. Jen, I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Well, "stumbled upon" isn't entirely accurate as Susan (The Book Maven's Haven) had it listed as one of her favorites. I can see why. I like the way you have found a focus for your blog. I am looking forward to following to find out more about books you love and ways you see sharing them with children.


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