Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEA "Dream" Author Signings!

My husband is a veteran when it comes to tracking down athletes for autographs.  In the past few years, I have been slowly gathering my own autographs - but not from sports figures - from authors!  I'll never forget meeting Lynn Reid Banks when I was in intermediate school.  She came to talk to our class about The Indian In The Cupboard.  It was awesome.
More recently, I have met Sharon Draper, Terry Trueman, Gordon Korman, Dave Lubar, Ann Brashares, Ralph Fletcher, Meg Cabot, Peter Yarrow, S. E. Hinton, and Julie Andrews.  It's so interesting to hear each talk about how they come up with their stories and how much work goes into their books.

I couldn't believe the loooong list of authors who are signing at BEA this year.  It definitely made me wish I could be there!  Believe me, if I was, I'd so be line for these authors:  

Kate DiCamillo - I read Tale of Despereaux with one of my students this year and she completely fell in love with the story. Edward Tulane is my personal favorite of hers!

Cory Doctorow - I'd have to hear more from this author, Little Brother was such an interesting book, it was pretty cutting edge and intense to me.  I can't believe this author would be anything but intriguing.

Ridley Pearson - I love the Disney-related books just because Disney World is one of my favorite places on Earth and I love the idea of sneaking around after park hours!  

Jon Scieska - Peanut gets so excited to read about the Trucktown crew.  I have to name all the characters on the inside flap of the books. 

Brandon Mull - The Fablehaven series just completely rocks.  I love the characters and how Mull creates a whole new fantasy world and intertwines stories.

Lemony Snicket - Don't you just want to see what this guy looks like in real life?  He is so enigmatic, I'd just have to get a glimpse of him with my very own eyeballs!

Mo Willems - Knuffle Bunny.  Knuff said!

Rick Riordan - I'd love to hear more about his new book in person!

James Dashner - I recommended Maze Runner for book club a few months ago and we all loved it.  I heard someone hailing it the next Hunger Games.

Judith Viorst - A signed copy of Alexander? I'm there.  Total classic.

Doreen Cronin - I love the Diary books for teaching perspective, but I also love those crazy barnyard characters! Moo!


  1. I would love Jerry and Eileen Spinelli :)

  2. Cory Doctorow would be very high up on my list, too! Rick Riordan has done some book signings at bookstores lately, and Doctorow is on a publicity tour, so it's worth keeping an eye open if you live near a big city.

  3. Ditto! I love all the authors you picked. My son also loves the Trucktown series. :)

  4. Wow, you got to meet S.E. Hinton? I loved her books when I was a teenager!

    I think the list of authors I'd like to sign books for me would be endless :-) .

  5. Great list and many would have been on my list too!!


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