Sunday, June 19, 2022

OPEN WRITE: Things You Can Do With a Garden Hose

I've followed Ethical ELA for a while now and this week I noticed that they have a 5-day writing opportunity for teachers so I decided to join in. It's called Open Write and there are posts with a prompt everyday. Teacher writers are invited to try the prompt and share in the comments. For the first day, the prompt was from Allyson Berryhill and the invitation was to use Ally Visser's poem Things You Can Do With an Orange as a mentor text. I used the wheel to spin a noun and got "garden hose" so here's my poem.

Things You Can Do With a Garden Hose

for summer is here

time to
let loose
release the kinks

time to
the lawn
the flowers
the garden
your thirst and your soul

time to
slip and slide
sprint through the sprinkler
splash a sibling

time to
fill a bucket
a baby pool
water balloons

and celebrate
for summer is here

Can you tell I'm so excited that summer is here? I am reveling in the time to be still and quiet and to be outside and to read and write and visit with friends.

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