Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The One With A Million Snoozes #sol16

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I always thought I would be the sort of mom who would be up and dressed before the kids. Making breakfast and welcoming when they groggily emerged from their rooms. 

But that's so not the case!

And then we adopted this sweet puppy and I thought now I would be the sort of mom who would be up and dressed before the kids. Coming back from a brisk morning walk and greeting them when they groggily emerged from their rooms.

But that's so not the case!


I swear, I was sure the dog was going to wake me up at 5:30 every morning, ready and waiting to zip out the door. Like clockwork. But she's a fan of snoozing in the morning too. It makes me feel like she was meant for our family.

So I guess that's not the sort of mom I am (yet). I don't know if I'll ever be that kind of mom. I love sleep. I love the warm, snuggliness of my bed in the morning. I love taking my time to groggily emerge from my room. I'm the queen of snoozing - whether it means sleeping or telling my alarm clock to try again in eight minutes.

Honestly, this morning, Little Bean called into my room, "Mom, it's time to wake up now!"


Like with everything, what we expect and what we think and sometimes what we hope and wish just isn't meant to be. It doesn't mean it can't ever be that way. But if it's just not happening or so much work to make it happen or really not worth it, then why push it? 

And maybe we can happily adjust our expectations and revel in the fact that we make life work even when it's not what we always thought it would be. 

Even when I take a few (dozen) extra minutes to snooze in the morning, it all works out. 

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