Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The One With A New Baby #slice2013

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No, no,'s not my new baby...nor do I have a new baby coming BUT, we do have a new baby in our extended family. My cousin and her husband had their second child in August. Their six-year-old son is Peanut's age and now they have a daughter. 

Unfortunately, we have been all sick at one point or another since the beginning of September so we haven't been over to visit them since she was first born. Sunday we finally were able to visit and snuggle this new, little, baby girl. 

When we got there, she was sleeping so my kids looked at her and then went off to play with her older brother. As soon as she woke up though, they wanted to see her and hold her and marvel at how cute and little she is. It was adorable to watch them as they studied her and smiled at her little baby faces. 
After we got home and the kids were in bed, I sat with my husband on the couch and told him I surprisingly didn't have an urge to have another baby. I remember after having Peanut, wanting to be pregnant again and then as he was older, wanting to have another baby again. As much as I adore babies, visiting with our new baby cousin left me reminiscing more about my two babies and loving them more than ever instead of pining for another new baby of my own. 

It's amazing to go through life and experience new feelings along the way. I always thought I would want more and more and more babies but I've found that I'm super happy with the two adorable, healthy, spirited kids that I have. (I have to say that I know I would love another baby just as much as these two kiddos if I were to have another baby, but at this point, I'm okay with not having any more kids.) I feel completely grateful and blessed to have the two adorable, healthy, spirited kids that I have. Snuggled with my husband and watching football, our kids sleeping soundly, I felt full with love, my life brimming with happiness and bliss. 

Moments such as this I try to capture and hold onto as much as I can, recognizing just how fleeting they can be. Did you have any moments like this in the last week? I'd love to hear about them!

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